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Every organisation has a 'look' that distinguishes it from competitors in the market. If its good, your brand can be a hugely valuable asset. If its bad, it can set off alarm bells, especially for new customers.


Lucidity take a thorough look at the image you currently portray, and then ask sensible questions like what makes you unique? How exactly are you different? Why should customers choose your brand over a competitor? The answers to these questions and more will help us evaluate how you want your brand to be perceived by existing and prospective customers.


We'll help you articulate your company's personality clearly and concisely, then design a professional visual identity that expresses that personality to make sure your business is known for all the right reasons. And we'll also advise you how to apply your new visual identity across all on and off-line marketing platforms.

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What is your companies core personality? What identifies you and makes you stand out from the crowd?