Our hourly rate is £90 per hour. If the work we're doing requires a little more time to complete than we originally estimate, we just get on and do it - that's just the way we roll.

Our official office hours are 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, although we often work longer hours!


Our daily rate is based on a 7.5 hour working day and the total is £675.

We have four clear ways of charging for our services: an hourly rate, a daily rate, a project fee or a monthly retainer.

Hourly Rate

Daily Rate

Project Fee

Project fees are based on the scope of the project specified by clients. When a project is initiated, we provide a detailed estimate of the time required to complete the task, a clear timetable of activities and the key deliverables that will see us over the line.

Monthly Retainer

Most of our clients outsource their marketing activity to Lucidity based on an agreed monthly retainer, which covers all marketing initiatives we deliver.


For startups we offer a range of marketing solutions to help get your business up-and-running. To enquire about these rates, just call us on 0208 240 6247.