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In Situ Media

Business Transformation

Lucidity and In Situ worked as one team for nearly two years to modernize the company's offering.

Dajon Luxury Apartments

Digital Strategy

Dajon's management team needed a customer acquisition plan to attract patrons to their lodgings on the idyllic island of Skiathos.


New Proposition Development

Habitat were unable to compete in an influential and profitable market and engaged us to help them find a fresh way in.

Orange PCS

Idea Generation Workshops

Orange UK's Strategic Marketing Team requested support delivering a 6-day idea generation workshop for senior managers.

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KBH On-Train Media

Performance Turnaround

KBH were struggling to realize the potential in their traincard business, until they enlisted the help of their key customers.

Dorothy Croft Trust

Business Re-Modelling

The business model adopted by the charity was unsustainable - a new service helped them generate funds for disbersement.

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