Our hourly rate is £60 per hour.


This covers the cost of working with Lucidity London.


If the work we're doing for you requires a little more time to complete than we originally estimate, we just get on and do it.

Our office hours are 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, but we're available pretty much all of the time!


Our daily rate which is based on a full working day is £600.


We'll do our best to estimate the number of hours/days required to meet your brief in advance for a quote.

We believe cost transparancy is vital, as is keeping pricing flexible. We therefore have three clear ways of charging for our services: an hourly rate, a daily rate or a monthly retainer.

Hourly Rate

Daily Rate

Monthly Retainer

A number of the clients we work with choose to  outsource all their marketing activity to Lucidity based on an agreed monthly retainer.


The fee will cover all marketing initiatives we deliver in-house giving you a single point of contact.



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Lucidity London can fill the marketing gap in your business by becoming your "pay-as-you-go" full-service marketing department. You may not need us all the time, but we're here for you when you do.

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