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We not only offer advice on how to get the best results from your marketing activity, we can also deliver the programmes and initiatives that our advice identifies.


We typically serve client's that don't have an internal marketing function, but need help or advice with how their business, their brand, their products and/or their services are marketed. These organisations are primarily owner managed businesses.


We work with our clients either helping them to become better at the areas of their marketing that they may not be able to do themselves. Or we take their marketing projects off their desks onto ours and then plan and deliver their marketing programmes efficiently, effectively and at the best cost.

Lucidity London is an approachable, professional and full service marketing company.

We work with your team designing and constructing a tailored marketing plans to meet your commercial objectives.


We'll meet you, swap notes, review your current marketing activity and even talk to some of your customers (with your permission, of course) so when it comes to putting the strategy and communication plans together, we know which direction to go in.


We can also help you put your marketing plan into action, providing additional resources to deliver planned activities.

We look at companies from the point of view of existing and potential customers to plan an effective strategy for the future.




We employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to deliver insight into your market. We'll find out what your competitors are up to, what your customers want, and how your customers currently perceive your brand. With fresh insights and a 360 degree view of your trading environment, we'll then help you figure out the best marketing strategies and messages to get, keep and grow customers.


We take particular pride in delivering enjoyable, engaging and effective debriefs because we like to tell a compelling story and deliver insights that inspire action.

Lucidity London offer a range of primary and secondary research services to clients who need answers to problems.


Lucidity provide a complete range of graphic design services to support small and medium-sized businesses, providing a tailored service that harness your big ideas and make them tangible.


The visual impact of professional quality graphic design in every marketing resource is critical to the success of businesses, and we excel at designing and implementing brand identities, communication campaigns, product launches, print and web projects that help company's stand out from their competition.


We strive to incorporate your vision of design with our creativity to ensure that the proper branding process allows your name to make a lasting impression in all the places you might employ your graphics.

From logo to print design and everything in between.


Advertising is a key marketing tool to communicate effectively with buyers, attracting new customers to your business or retaining the patronage of existing clients.


We can design, write, plan and deliver advertising across local, national and/or trade media with who we have excellent relationships. Unlike traditional agencies, we don't take commission from the media from your budget. We work hard to get the best rates and positions, not to mention free editorial support from time to time!


Whatever your communication objectives, Lucidity can design and deliver an effective, high impact advertising campaign for your business, saving you both time and money.

Our services cover ad design, print, media planning and buying.

If you're seeking a professional pair of eyes to review your corporate literature and promotional collateral, Lucidity London can help you.


We have in-house resources for creative design and copywriting, artwork development as well as print buying. From corporate literature to editorial pieces, packaging design to production, web development and ad campaigns, Lucidity will ensure your organisation not only looks great, but sounds great too.

Great marketing is about great communication - and great communication deserves top notch design and copywriting to promote your company.



Website are a fundamental part of communication and selling toolsets and should be at the heart of all marketing activities. Designed to set the tone for your brand while offering a great digital experience to users, all our sites can be updated whenever and wherever you want.


Lucidity London design and build stylish, user friendly websites and ecommerce sites that sit on top of a full content management system to give your team all the flexibility they'll need to keep customers coming back time and again.

With customers using desktop and mobile devices interchangeably these days to search for information about products and services, its essential to establish a responsive online presence.

Lucidity London Consultancy (1343 x 450)

Marketing Planning

The web design and build work Lucidity London does includes conducting keyword research and implementing the findings as well as submitting your site map, registering your organisation with search engines and then adding webmaster and analytics codes to the site before it goes live.


We also list your domain on directories so that your website gets off to the best possible start.


Whether you're a media company, retailer, professional services organisation or you happen to sell fine wine or luxury food over the internet, we make sure your website ranks at the top of the organic search results for all the major search engines.

Investing in a website is a big deal for most businesses, so making sure it's visible in search engines is vital ...


Lucidity London Website Design
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