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This site showcases my work creating and guiding brands towards the distinction they need to stand out from the crowd. It features.

Bold Marketing Strategies

meeting, even exceeding, the demands of modern consumers and B2B customers.

Insightful Research

generating behavioural insights for company's who need answers to specific market-related problems.

Inspiring Design

creativity which boosts consumer desire, interest, engagement and conversion.

Distinctive Advertising

Incredible Digital Experiences

Strategy Realisation

getting brands noticed, talked about and considered in the spaces their customers hang out.

Strategies to succeed in the digital economy with omnichannel operations and multi-lingual customers

enabling the talents of multi-disciplinary teams to turn strategy into reality.

It's a complicated world ... changing all the time

I work with marketers and digtal strategists facing the challenges of constantly evolving customer tastes.



about ME

My mission is to bring clarity to the market-related problems faced by the company's I work for, and to inspire growth in our sales and marketing goals.

Colleagues tell me what makes my work unique is an uncommon ability to articulate critical business issues and future pathways clearly and concisely. 

There's no big secret, tbh. It's just a question of asking the right people some smart questions, and then listening intently to their answers. This approach has informed my work with company's large and small, helping to understand and respond to the trends which are having the strongest impact on customers' behaviour.


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About this Site

Lucidity is a site which showcases my work as a strategic marketing planner and manager over the past 10 years.

In that time, I've helped a number of company's address complex challenges in adapting to changes in consumer behaviour. From strategy development to digital project design and delivery, this site reveals how modern marketing techniques and agile business practices have been employed to build some incredible consumer and business brands.

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