Dajon Luxury Apartments

Establishing a new brand in challenging local conditions.

  • Developed a distinctive brand identity and competitive positioning for the new business 

  • Established a strong foothold in the fiercely competitive lodging sector on the island

  • Produced over 60 bookings each year from 'early booker' pay-per-click campaigns

  • Achieved consistently high occupancy levels every summer season for a decade

  • Emerged from the financial crisis in Greece a strong, healthy business

I helped the management of a new self-catering apartment complex get started in a crowded market on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. Together we:


The challenge

In 2008, the owners of a brand new development on the Greek island of Skiathos were entering the lodging industry at a very tricky time. The number of rooms available for rent on the island had increased dramatically over the previous 10 years, so they knew their new apartments would be competing in an already over-supplied sector.

Competition was also intensifying as previously reliable tourist markets in Britain, Germany and Scandinavia started showing signs of decline - the global financial crisis of 2008 was beginning to hit the plans of holiday-makers all across Europe.

Dajon’s owners asked me to help them devise and implement a marketing plan to achieve their goals of:

  1. Raising awareness of the new apartments among holidaymakers and regular visitors to the island

  2. Staking out a position at the top end of the lodging market in Skiathos

  3. Achieving an occupancy rate of 70% in their first summer season (running July to September) 

  4. Making effective and efficient use of a small budget, deliver an annual return on investment of 300+%


Photography by Guy SP

What we did

A review of competitors in Skiathos helped us identify space for the newly christened Dajon Apartments at the top end of the mid-market, and informed the creation of a brand name and identity which positioned Dajon as an ‘affordable luxury’.

Now we needed to find a way of placing the brand among the choices of accommodation that the island’s visitors see and actively consider. But who were these visitors? And how would we reach them?

With the start of the first summer season approaching, we selected independent travellers as our primary target audience; secondary research revealed more than 60% of European holiday-makers arrive on the island without the assistance of a tour operator.

For this group of visitors, online was a key research tool for lodgings and a small number of online directories were highly influential in driving traffic to the websites of service providers. We created a high profile presence on each directory to guide potential customers to a new website designed to reflect the luxury attributes of the Dajon proposition and produced in 3 languages; Greek, English and German.

Visitors to the site were able to download brochures, price lists and maps for circulation among decision-makers, and designed to boost consideration and preference for Dajon. Photographs of the modern, spacious accommodation were interspersed with images from around Skiathos to promote the island as an idyllic holiday destination.

Design Showcase

Promotional Collateral & Digital Communications


Digital marketing is a reliable income and profit generator for Dajon’s management, comfortably exceeding their targets each year. By tracking room nights booked following an online enquiry, and then calculating the total revenue generated by these room nights, they've found online marketing delivers an ROI of more than 400% each year.

Over the past 10 years Dajon’s management have consistently achieved an occupancy rate over 70%, an incredible performance given the heightened level of competitive intensity during this period and the initial inexperience of the team in the lodging industry.

Results from Guest Satisfaction Surveys we recommended have revealed consistently high levels of approval with the lodging too. Dajon averages over of 8.5 out of 10 every year for the overall experience, while qualitative feedback from the surveys help management continuously improve the customer experience.

Last updated: 2 July 2018


Return on


First year of operation (2009)


Increase in


2010 v 2009




Every year since launch

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