I help guide brands towards the distinction they need to stand out in a crowd

I do this by helping marketing leaders solve problems and streamline marketing processes to deliver sustained growth in sales and profits. The solutions are a result of open, collaborative relationships with all stakeholders and my specialisms in marketing strategy, programme design and delivery.

I apply an outside-in perspective to help companies grow and prosper, because I believe customers are the best source of growth for most companies. My skills blend in-depth customer insights with proven strategy tools and a pragmatic approach to implementation to help create sustainable growth in key marketing metrics.



Marketing Planning

Proposition Development

Communication Planning

Brand Management



Reality Digs

Desk Research


Focus Groups



Brand Creation

Print & Packaging


Web Design



Digital Product Development


Omnichannel Comms

Performance Optimisation


I look at companies from the point of view of existing and potential customers to plan an effective strategy for the future.

I collaborate with team members to design and implement tailored marketing programmes which meet commercial objectives and marketing performance goals. We'll meet, swap notes, review current marketing activity and even talk to some customers (with permission, of course) so when it comes to putting the strategy and communication plans together, we all know the direction we're heading in.

Together, often with external agency support, we put the marketing plan into action, coordinating all the additional resources to deliver the planned activities on time and to budget.



I manage a range of primary and secondary research investigations for situations where we need answers to knotty problems.

I employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to deliver insight into the market. I'll find out what  competitors are up to, what customers want, and how customers currently perceive the brand, and much more. With fresh insights and a 360 degree view of the trading environment, I'll help figure out the best marketing strategies and messages to get, keep and grow customers.

I take particular pride in delivering enjoyable, engaging and effective de-briefs because I like to tell a compelling story and deliver insights that inspire action.



I co-ordinate a wide range of design, advertising and content creation services in support of the marketing strategies I recommend, briefing and managing agencies to harness big ideas and make them tangible.

The visual impact of professional quality graphic design in every marketing resource is critical to the success of any businesses, and I excel at designing and implementing brand identities, comms campaigns, product launches, print and web projects that really drive distinction to ensure that our work stands out from the competition.

I strive to incorporate stakeholders vision of design with creativity to ensure that the proper branding process enable the company to make a lasting impression in all the places we might employ graphics.



Nearly all the projects I work on include a digital dimension, whether it's in product development, improving services or executing a marketing campaign.

Making the shift to customer orientation means meeting folks in the channels wherever they want to interact with us, focusing less on the optimisation of technology and more on the customer experience.

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Lucidity is a site which showcases my work as a strategic marketing planner and manager over the past 10 years.

In that time, I've helped a number of company's address complex challenges in adapting to changes in consumer behaviour. From strategy development to digital project design and delivery, this site reveals how modern marketing techniques and agile business practices have been employed to build some incredible consumer and business brands.

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